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A family guide to making the mind, body and spirit connection

lessons from the listening lady

Have you ever felt so out of control of your emotions that you felt sick? Have you ever worried about your child and felt completely frustrated and helpless, wishing you had the answers to help them?

This engaging and inspirational book will guide you and your family to create a healthy, more positive lifestyle. It will give each family member the coping skills they need to change their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, which will ultimately improve your adolescent's self-esteem and self-worth.

Lessons from the Listening Ladyaddresses adolescents and anxiety and is a resource that every family can use to better connect and relate to each other. This family guide to making the mind, body and spirit connection will improve your child's overall mood and well-being. By learning how to quiet their mind through meditation, finding peace through forgiveness and using the power of positivity, they will heal and feel more in control of their life.

Upon completion of this book your adolescent will not only have the knowledge about what anxiety is, but also be equipped with the tools to manage it throughout the rest of their life. It will provide a great deal of information about anxiety and the effects on the brain, and provide various coping skills each child and family can use during times of stress. What’s stopping your child from living the life they have always dreamed of?


Tammy L. Sausa

Tammy Sausa is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), mental health therapist and the proud owner of A Therapy Life Center, LLC. She treats adolescents and their families who deal with a variety of mental health and behavioral challenges. Her passion for helping people reach their greatest potential is what fueled her to write this book. She encourages her clients and readers to go beyond their limitations and truly make the mind, body and spirit connection to live their best life.

Tammy believes that spirituality is the missing link in families and provides her clients and readers with the tools they need to create a positive lifestyle change. Incorporating such things as gratitude, positive affirmations and forgiveness into your family’s culture and daily living makes an impact on each family member’s overall mood and behavior. She teaches you how to quiet your mind, the importance of living in the NOW, how to surrender and have FAITH that life is as it should be.